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We organise retreats in the around the world that combine holidays and aerial classes to let people have unforgettable memories while progressing quickly and safely in aerials.


It was a really WONDERFUL experience!!! We had training every day, activities to know each other, visit new places (beach, city, ...) ...Every single day was different!

I've never done dynamics before and Hanne helped us a lot to have a good technique, teaches very clear and she has no problem helping a hundred of times if someone has any difficulty.


Moreover, she is so close and attentive with everyone.
The activities with Giani were so FUNNY too! He is very outgoing and that makes you feel more comfortable in every activity.

The food was really good and the service was excellent too.
And... There's nothing to say about the amazing people I met during that week.

If you are a silks lover, I recommend you to have this experience with them! You won't regret It!


This was certainly the trip of a lifetime in that I reminisce about it at least twice every week! The silk skills we learned were all new to me except windmill and Hanne broke down the tricks comprehensively. Many of the tricks are strength/momentum based which is why I signed up!


Hanne will tie together these AWESOME tricks to show you how to flow with them. I absolutely loved all the tricks and want to return to learn more new tricks and master these! The boat days were absolutely incredible stacked with unparalleled fun and badassery!


There were no issues getting enough time on the silks on the boat. Even when you get tired you can go for a swim, snorkel, or float on the paddle board.

What made it so special and unforgettable was how wonderful Hanne & Giani, and all the other incredible people I met on the trip were.


The outings allowed us to not only explore the beautiful French Riviera, but also to get to know one another better. So many laughs!!!! I definitely have lifelong friends from this retreat.

On the accommodations, the house was very comfortable. It was like sleepover with all your new best friends in a simple country villa! The food was delicious & the supply of glorious fresh bread and cheese will make you think you're in heaven!!

Thanks again for this unforgettable experience!!!!!


Sarah X

How to describe this week.... it was just fabulous! I am following Hannah for some time now and am really impressed with her skills! Dynamic silk is really specific and it is difficult to find teachers in my country so when I saw this retreat on Instagram I just had to go!

And what's an incredible experience!! Hanne and Giani are really nice and extremely professional people. The area was just wow, the experience in the boat incredible but most of all I met incredible people there. Supportive, funny, and just so skilled people that made my week as much as the silk training. I miss all of them so much.

I can't recommend this retreat enough, you can go without hesitation and be sure to have fun, be a great teacher, the best guide, gain a lot more skills in silk and come back with incredible memories.

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