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Aerial Azur is a company founded by Hanne Coeckelberghs and Giani Giordano. They are specialized in the organization of aerial retreats all around the world, and are based in Valencia, Spain. 

Their goal is to help people become more confident in the art of silks while visiting and having some amazing holidays in beautiful regions of the world.

Hanne Coeckelberghs has more than 14 years of experience in aerial silks and graduated from a 4 years professional circus school. During all of those years, she focused on developing her own style, consisting mainly of impressive dynamics and a powerful presence. Since her graduation, she has been teaching workshops, performing shows all around the world.

Giani Giordano is a singer and composer.

After spending a few years in the circus world, Giani met Hanne in the creation of a show for Cirque Starlight in 2020 and since then, he had the chance to learn silks with Hanne and, with a solid base in dynamics, is now assisting her in workshops.


Aerial Azur has been founded in Antibes, France in 2020 and has organized retreats in France, Corsica, Mexico, Thailand and Spain. 

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